My Father


November 1948

Transvaal Warehouse Vereeniging
Transvaal Warehouse Vereeniging
Transvaal Warehouse Vereeniging
Transvaal Warehouse Vereeniging
Federal Boot and Shoe Mayfair Johannesburg

USA Visit Approx 1964

From l to r Hy Davidov, Vichna Hyman Fannie Ginsberg, (Vichna’s daughter) Percy and Miriam Schlachman (Fannie’s daughter, and Vichna’s grand daughter). Vichna is of of course Bryna’s sister. “I, (Dov Hyman) was also at this visit which took place on Gist Avenue in Baltimore. This was the visit where your beloved father Percy built the bridge that reunited our families that had been separated for 60+ years…my guess is 1964

Ashley’s Barmitzvah 1963  





London Family


USA Visits


Later Years


Ashley Davidoff

He was 6 years old in his native Lithuania

–         a shy boyish smile in a family photograph



–         And I noticed his boots-

–         With both feet sitting squarely on the ground

–         that was my father


And then they came…

So the family fled eastward…

And then westward…

A father and a brother died in the heat of a Russian idea and its winter

Again they came

So the family packed up and fled

A new country, a new hope

Going to school with other boys

A shy smile in the school football team


Hard times for the family

A sales job at pitiful pay during pitiful times

Walking many miles to save pennies…

To make pennies

It all helped

Eldest brother by this time was succeeding with a partner who turned out to be rogue

And so now it was brothers in business starting at a low

At first shoemaking was slow- and cumbersome of course

But time and dedication and the needs of a new family with three sons made good for many years

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And all the sons went into a profession

Just a small black nodule on the calf of his leg

No – not very good

The large glands contained the same foreboding

“Shoe business for sale”… “Sold”

A fever – doctors said it may be OK – but on the other hand it may not

And then it descended

We cried  we cried a lot

I walked along with five others

Two in front

Three to my side

And my mother and brothers were all there


And I remembered his boots….


And I hope to stand square on the ground, …and

With warmth and goodness

I hope to walk in his footsteps

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